Steps from Lake Superior is Duluth, Minnesota's historic NorShor Theater.
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Update to the paragraph below: Our case was "dismissed without prejudice" in District Court on Feb. 17 due to some procedural questions; we'll be re-filing the case shortly, and look forward to your support and encouragement. Stay tuned to for details in the ongoing saga.

At 3:30 p.m. Wed., Feb. 17, 2010, Dr. Eric Ringsred and Marilyn Campetti will square off against the City of Duluth in District Court over the right of the City and builders to impair important scenic resources, without sufficient environmental review, in violation of State law. Come and lend your support: St. Louis County Courthouse, 3rd Floor, Courtroom #2, Judge Eric Hylden presiding. [ View the legal Complaint and other documents in the case.]

Example (8 photos): The six-foot high fence at recently constructed 3800 W. Skyline Drive in Duluth, although within current code, completely blocks the view from this historic Minnesota Scenic Byway.


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