Steps from Lake Superior is Duluth, Minnesota's historic NorShor Theater.
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  Skyline Lawsuit Document List 

   Follow the links below to review important documents in the civil case 69-DU-CV-09-2866, State of Minnesota and individuals Marilyn Campetti and Eric Ringsred v. City of Duluth:

The Original Complaint as filed Sept. 28, 2010   [Word]  [PDF]

City of Duluth's Answer to the Complaint  Page 1  Page 2

The Complaint as amended Dec. 15, 2010  [Word]  [PDF]
[By consent of all, two parties were dropped from the suit.]

Notice of Motion & Motion for Partial Summary Judgement  [Word]  [PDF]

Plaintiffs' Memorandum Supporting Motion for Partial Summary Judgement  [Word]  [PDF]

Proposed Order - Motion for Partial Summary Judgement  [Word]  [PDF]

Affidavit by Thomas Cox in support of the Motion for Partial Summary Judgement  [Word]  [PDF]

Attachment to the above affidavit: 250 Duluth News Tribune reader comments  [Word]  [PDF]

City Opposes Motion for Partial Summary Judgement

City Requests Dismissal of the Case

Plaintiffs' Reply Memorandum  [Word]  [PDF]

Plaintiffs' Reply Memorandum - Exhibit A  Page 1  Page 2  Page 3

Plaintiffs' Reply Memorandum - Exhibit B  [Word]  [PDF]

Plaintiffs' Reply Memorandum - Affidavit of Eric Ringsred  [Word]  [PDF]


Some supporting documents in the case

Links to the Minnesota Statutes referenced in the case:   116B  116D 

Scenic Byways Commission Meeting, 1999  [PDF]
Scroll down in this .pdf, there are some nice maps and other info on MN Scenic Byways.

Memorandum of Understanding creating the Skyline Scenic Byway  [PDF]

Duluth City Council Resolution supporting the Skyline "Scenic Byway" designation  Page 1  Page 2

Duluth City Code Sec. 28A regarding Heritage Preservation  [Word]  [PDF]

Politicians' views on Skyline development, published Oct. 4, 2009  [Word]  [PDF]

3800 Skyline Drive building permit issued by City of Duluth



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