Steps from Lake Superior is Duluth, Minnesota's historic NorShor Theater.
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Click the thumbnails to view enlarged images of the 'dangerous' (Duluth News-Tribune) NorShor Theater Green Roof. The rooftop flower and vegetable garden in Old Downtown Duluth was host to a family of ducks last summer. Their dubious 'rescue' by wildlife experts (three chicks died) produced the Tribune epithet.

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Daniel and Anna pick potatoes. Anna can't wait for that corn to be ready. Anna bags some of the day's harvest. Anna dares the 'dangerous' (Duluth News-Tribune) NorShor Theater Green Roof.
Green Roof overview, with Hotel Duluth in the background. Urban juxtaposition: flowers and casino sign. Hungarian wax banana peppers. Another overview looking northeast toward the Hotel Duluth.
Anna, carrot harvest, Duluth's Aerial Bridge. This amazing tree grew up without help, pretty much on a piece of carpet. Epazote, a Mexican medicinal and culinary herb. Anna (Daniel in background) at west wall of roof, the famous Kozy Bar in the distance.
Onions-in-a-tire--a new Minnesota State Fair treat? Hot green peppers. Jalapeno peppers. The melons are coming along nicely.
Squash are also doing very nicely. A row of squash plants in tires. Moss grows right in the carpet, and is extremely hardy. Cornucopia, a roof garden gives its rewards.
The NorShor Theater's Green Roof gardens, ca. August, 2006.
Cucumbers on a trellis. Veggies in a row of tires. A very colorful mini-flower garden in a tire. More cukes on a trellis.
'Love-lies-bleeding', foreground, cukes in back. A mini-meadow of flowers that we hope will spread. An in-your-face sunflower, Duluth's famed Aerial Bridge in the distance. The tomatoes are going gangbusters.
Sunflowers on the Superior St. wall, Duluth Steam's stack in back. Tomatoes line the midwall of the roof. Looking north, through Daniel's mini-flower garden-in-a-tire.

Looking west, over the midwall.
Tomatoes along the roof's midwall.

Egress to the roof is from the NorShor Theater utility entrance on Superior St.
Bright red 'Love-lies-bleeding' on the NorShor Theater roof. Flowers in a tire, and some mystery toes.
Location: Home » NorShor Green Roof homepage
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